Contributing to the elegance of a room, lighting fixtures with a certain degree of transparency can create not only light, but also the desired atmosphere. This practical lighting size and placement guide infographic will guide you to choosing the right lighting fixture for the right space.

Imagine your dining space adorned with these organic hand-blown Clear Band Pendant lights, a space where family and friends gather to enjoy home cooked meals and a homey atmosphere. Designed by John Pomp Studios, the Clear Band Pendant collection gathers three different shapes blown with the same technique that sum up to a myriad of possible configurations.

Any space, from sleek contemporary design to rustically influenced, can benefit from the raw, organic nature of these pendant lights. Their design is customizable in size, quantities and configurations, making it easy to choose the best piece or grouping for your home. Various canopy and density options are also available, but you must note that glass dimensions may slightly vary due to hand made process.

John Pomp, the founder of John Pomp Studios, was influenced by his father’s carpentry craftsmanship while growing up. In the years to come, his mentor introduced him to glassblowing just in time to realize this was an artistic calling. Dedicating himself to learning about old-world glass-making and crafting a modern approach into his nature-inspired shapes, the glassblowing artist describes his work as exemplifying “the purity of natural materials while embracing their inherent historical and elemental qualities – yielding a simple, organic modern aestheticJohn Pomp’s 20 years of undying passion and devotion to his craft is reflected in each piece of his collection which is meticulously crafted by hand in his multi-disciplinary studios in Philadelphia.”

See the artist at work and dive into the the fascinating glass-blowing process on John Pump Studio’s Facebook page to keep up with his creativity.