After featuring colorful Google headquarters from Zurich, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, we are constantly on the lookout for the company’s new office design approaches. Graphasel Design Studio have completed the Google Offices in Budapest, which are based on an intriguing theme: “The keyword SPA has been chosen for the office in Budapest, since more than 500 springs are present in the Hungarian capital city, which justifies its reputation as a spa town.” If you’ve ever been to Budapest, you probably remember hearing about of visiting the Széchenyi and Gellért baths, which are both represented in this design scheme.

Budapest is a city proud of the nine Olympic gold medals and three gold medals in water polo world championships, which was also taken into consideration when planning the Google offices: “We aimed to demonstrate parallelism between sports and the spirit of competition in the world of business. As the spas are home to both sports swimming pools and outdoor rest areas, it was obvious that each room within the office was devoted to a different topic. Because of the extreme diversity of baths, a sauna and a steam bath, as well as a water polo arena and an outdoor beach are also included in the concept.” Recycled materials are cleverly integrated in the design, such as pallets and other residual materials from constructions.