Exhibiting a distinct modern design, the Monolithic House in the Italian town of Castrovillari was thoroughly planned and implemented by Studio Brain Factory. The 1,830 sq ft apartment is based on a concept inspired by the volumetric subtractions of a monolithic block: “The majestic views of the Pollino massif mountains, clearly visible from the luminous windows of the apartment, lead to the choice of the stone as conceptual raw material.” Despite this rigid theme, the contemporary crib is open, spacious and positively charged.

Here is more from the architects; “In addition to stone, a predominant natural material is the wood that warms the environment from the entrance, where it is immediately enveloped in a surreal atmosphere: a rain of Swarovski crystals adorn the walls, dotting them with sparkles. The main focal point of the interior design scheme is the monolithic block, the stone wall’s partition between kitchen and living room, characterized by a window which performs the dual function of table or support plane.” Despite a simple color palette and a minimalist design approach, the apartment is characterized by visual diversity. Check out the photos below and let us know what elements you find most captivating!