There’s always more to undergoing a holiday home renovation than appears at first. Combining respect for the surroundings, simplicity and inspiration, rural areas can be revived like the legendary Phoenix bird. Located in Belgium’s Walloon region, this inspiring holiday stone house flaunts a pitched roof reminiscent of the local architectural language. Underneath, spaces filled with light make you feel outdoors. Past floor-to-ceiling doors, a colorful display of light, texture and simplicity are collected in a rustic-inspired interior design.

Locally-sourced materials were engaged in an architectural ballet under the attentive supervision of Dehullu Architecten.

This building was something amazing to begin with. Thanks to its orientation and enhanced in beauty by its surroundings, this holiday home in a small rural town of Villers-en-Fagne pays its respect to the original and local design. Spreading over 240 square meters, the private holiday home renovation was meant to exemplify a sober and elegant solution to decorating rural areas. A delicate use of stone and wood balances and brings peace not only to the owners, but to the rural community it now serves aesthetically. Framed with tall windows running from floor to ceiling, the new living spaces were added in this wooden addition. Warm tones flaunted by wood softens the powerful visual impact of the house’s stone walls.

Deep overhangs shape the glazed terrace, offering the possibility of lifting the deck to make the home seem like it’s hovering above the soothing hillside. Photos taken by Dennis De Smet show the holiday home renovation result: a magnificent holiday home of rustic inspiration, perfect for escaping chaotic cities.