Built in an extreme climate in Da Nang, Vietnam, the Termitary House by Tropical Space exhibits an intriguing architecture. Brick was used extensively in the overall design, inspired by the termites’ special ability to build their nests in this region. The residence also pays tribute to the remains of Champa baked-brick Towers, constructed here from the 4th century to the late 15th century. Concrete ceilings and terazzo flooring in dark colors contribute to an overall sober look and feel.

According to the architects, the house was planned to have “a large sharing space in the center where a cooking counter, a dining table, and an entertaining corner are found. This lobby then leads to different functional areas in the house such as the rest room, the living room, and the bedrooms. All are connected artistically and comfortably. The mezzanine is where another bedroom, an altar room, and a small library are found. The attic is an open relaxing area with curtains of vines.” All furniture was made from the timber rescued from the roof of the old house on the site. Enjoy the photos and tell us what you think!