Undergoing a renovation – and a historic one nonetheless – is a task best left to creative professionals, who can envision a new life for an old building that still has so many to offer. This renovated stone house in a historic village in Switzerland is not only a dream come true for its owners, but an example for modernizing historic homes.

By keeping most of the old stone walls of the structure and replacing the existing wooden floors with cement flooring, architects of Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects restored the charm of this fabulous stone house and added up-to-date sophistication.

Architectural photos taken by Hannes Henz showcase the recently renovated stone house as a volumetric stack of natural stones beautifully modernized with large framed windows flooding interiors with natural light. The main building shelters a cellar with vault underneath, plus two more floors above containing the living and cooking space, as well as private bedrooms. An additional annex made of the same stone used to shelter a small grape brandy distillery on the ground floor, a room upstairs and an attic space under the roof. Now this volume is part of the whole, connected to the old vaulted cellar and boasting a summer outdoor loggia with an enticing raw steel fireplace setting the mood for amazing relaxation moments.

Spreading over 116 square meters, the renovated stone house was topped off with a new wood pitched roof that balances the design while keeping the structure safe and secure. The old vaulted cellar becomes the new entrance as the annex is topped off with a panoramic roof terrace encompassed between massive wall parapets and paved with natural stone.

Massive, bold and minimalist, this modern stone house is a dream revived from the past.