Renovating a ranch house in Los Angeles and making it appear contemporary and elegant was what architect Martin Fenlon did for his latest project. We wouldn’t be presenting this modern addition if it wasn’t something special about it. Photos taken by Eric Staudenmaier show how large, open spaces resulted from this inspired choice of adding a modern volume to the old home. Dressed in a contrasting wood cladding, this new modern addition looks over the sloping site to city panoramas beyond through unraveling glass walls.

Renovating the existing house in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles included maximizing space and light intake. This wooden addition shelters spaces like the living, dining, and master bedroom and bathroom upstairs, while the space underneath was transformed into a new carport. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls flood these new spaces with daylight and allow splendid panoramas to become focal points. Framing views across treetops, these large windows connect the first floor to the outdoor terrace, where a sun-braker  frames pictures of the blue sky.

In the middle of this new living space, a skylight floods the center of the home with light while letting hot air escape and naturally ventilate social spaces. There is another skylight int he kitchen, helping it integrate into the bright continuous space flow opening to a new outdoor deck, where inhabitants sunbathe and enjoy their private outdoors.

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