The Tire Shop is MARK+VIVI‘s inaugural project located in the transitioning city of Verdun, Quebec, Canada. The newly renovated space is a former tire shop that currently functions as the designers’ live & work studio. Moreover, the project houses La Façade Art + Architecture, a public storefront gallery dedicated to the exhibition of local contemporary art and experimental architecture.

According to the architects, The Tire Shop utilizes natural light extensively, while its compact size means that only small amounts of energy are required to heat or cool the interior. Internal floors, shelving and cabinetry are all built using locally sourced Canadian plywood. The home is meant to be a creative hub for the artists in the community:”“We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our neighborhood” say designers Mark Fekete and Viviana de Loera.

We wanted to create a home that served as a catalyst for the design community while providing opportunities for local artists who would otherwise not have a chance to exhibit their work”. Colorful and inviting, this live/work space (measuring only 800 square feet) is an inspiring example on how to optimize small-sized dwellings. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Mark+Vivi  Architects]