This modern recording studio design impresses with an unusual facade free from windows. Within a geometric architectural language, the recording studio unveils simplicity and an inspiring play of opaque and semi-transparency. Imposing a modern touch in the densely populated residential area on the inner side of Dosan-daero (in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea), this sleek brick structure sheltering the Nonhyun Limelight Music Consulting recording studio was imagined by Dia Architecture as an eye-catching building covered in red bricks.

A geometric architecture following the slopes of the stairs makes room for skylights at every level. Inside, the recording studio occupies the second and third floor, where the windowless outer wall served as support for an open space. Spreading over a total of 589 square meters, the recording studio dressed in surface-cut used bricks was photographed by Kyungsub Shin as to reflect the building’s integration in the surrounding multiplex housing.

An office space on the fourth and fifth level was designed to resemble a luminous transparent box. This helps relive the weight of the structure and visually contributes to the overall contemporary appearance. Supported by a V-shape steel column in the ground floor car parking area, the building was imagined as a breath of fresh design disguised as a brick building.