With a desire to live lightly and simply, Vina Lustado set out to design and build a tiny house for herself. Vina completed a 140 square foot off-the-grid house that has set a standard for style and environmental responsibility. By enlisting local artists and craftsmen, Vina’s Tiny House embraces the community spirit in Ojai, California. Vina’s greatest hope is to create a tiny house community which addresses affordable housing and environmental impact.

The Tiny House is a personal project: building my own house. It reflects my philosophy about simplicity, sustainability, and living within my means“, explained the architect. The lovely small house comes with 140 square feet of living space (based on 8’ x 20’ trailer) and is wholly self-sufficient. It is equipped with luxuries such as a gas fireplace and operable skylights.

The interior is bathed in natural light and feels spacious and serene. There is plenty of storage and multi-purpose furniture for functionality and livability. Have a look at the video below to meet the designer and find out more about the creative solutions shaping this project! [Cinematography by Chibi Moku]