These original Ienami Bonkei planters by Metaphys introduce us to a delightful miniature world. The inspiration behind the project has its roots in the Japanese art of “Bonkei”. A bonkei is defined as a three-dimensional depiction of a landscape in miniature, developed using mainly dry materials like rock, cement mixtures or sand. It may also contain miniature figures of people, animals, buildings, bridges, and other outdoor elements.

The micro-universe in the photos below is made up of different planters, each resembling a house with roof garden. There are four distinct versions to choose from: hiroba (which means “square” or “plaza”), roji (“alley”), zigzag and tunnel. Combine multiple planters and you will get a beautiful small village. Play a bit with the greenery color and type of each rooftop for adding visual diversity. The Ienami Bonkei planters make for a charming decorating indoor unit at home or at work.

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