Inspired by classic libraries which often hold towering high shelves to store the vast amount of old literature, the Noveltree by Nieuwe Heren is our star design project for the day. The books that are hardest to reach are always the most intriguing ones. This was the main idea behind this vintage-looking ladder which can easily be turned into a focal point when integrated in a contemporary design scheme. A great addition for the children’s room, this is the type of furniture piece that makes kids want to reach out and grab those seemingly forbidden stories.

This may not be the most practical furniture element to have around in a small home, but it sure is captivating and original. Moreover, it has the ability to highlight some artifacts that users are emotionally connected to: “We came up with the Noveltree as a place to honor and store your best reads. Plus, climbing a ladder to grab your books is just way more fun“, added the designers. Noveltree is available in a variety of colors and can be ordered by getting in touch with the designers through their website.  [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Erik De Nijs on behalf of Nieuwe Heren]