Deronda Residence is an imposing family home located near the apex of Beachwood Canyon, in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, California. According to the architects at Space International, the project is originally composed of two main volumes, “shifted off-axis from each another to accentuate the difference in program which lies within”. Terraces and sliding glass windows connect the interiors with the expansive views available from just below the Hollywood sign.

Separate living functions are delivered by the two volumes: “The more public living areas of the house are situated on the ridge of the site, so as to take advantage of flanking outdoor spaces which are designed as extensions of the living dining, and kitchen areas. The more private sleeping and bathing areas are situated in an enclosed cantilevered bar, which hovers over the hillside and is nestled amidst the tall pine trees located at the perimeter of the property.” The white plaster shell is probably the most captivating feature of the residence; this elements  acts as a floor plate for the private volume, then wraps the social block, serving as a clerestory roof plane. [Images ©Steve King Photography]