Architect Pablo Serrano Elorduy collaborated with interior designer Blanca Elorduy of Dom Arquitectura  in developing this charming mountain guest house in Barcelona. The existing volume could not be changed, so the creative team adapted the guest house program to it: “First of all we covered with insulation and waterproofing the roof, and then we did the same with the facades and interior space.”

The idea was to open the inside space to the outdoors, so the users could enjoy the large garden with views. The cover is extended with a new wicker pergola with iron structure. This increases the terrace space so that visitors can be more in touch with the garden and orchard.

The interior is understood almost as a single and continuous space where the living room, kitchen and small dining area form the main space. In the bedroom the designers created continuous furniture, with the same flooring wood. A base cabinet also becomes the head of the bed, and the window frame. This original unit can be used as a bench for relaxing and contemplating the views. The kitchen furniture, the fireplace furniture and cabinets maintain the same modulation.

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