Despite its contemporary look and feel, Mackay Terrace Residence in Brisbane, Australia is a response to the architectural character of its neighborhood. The team at Shaun Lockyer Architects developed a generously-sized home answering the modern living needs of the owners, while showing respect for the aesthetics of the streetscape: “The house explores an industrial approach along with ideas of transparency and volume to creatively articulate the living spaces and interrelationship between inside and out.”

A visual twist is added to the street facade with the help of vertical-line panels. This idea is taken further to the opposite side of the house, where the second floor is partially shielded from sight. As you enter the residence, the magic unfolds; a double-height living room and dining area with state of the art appliances set the tone for an elegant, luxury-inspiring atmosphere. The rooms are overwhelming in both height and length, which is probably why the designers opted for wooden additions. An outdoor fireplace and water feature provide an unexpected punctuation of the house from which panoramic district views can be enjoyed. [Photography by Scott Burrows]