When challenged to rebuild an old “gumno” (traditional farming unit in Croatia used for threshing the grains), the creative team at Turato Architects came up with a spectacular result. Gumno House is an original contemporary residence boasting a total area of 930 square meters that currently serves the living needs of a married couple and their two adult children. In the planning process, it was decided that gumno, together with the circular dry stone wall, should be restored, and that the cultivated garden, driveway, orchard, and olive grove on the site should become a kind of a contemporary park, a reanimated place where the family would meet with their guests, friends, and the locals of Risika village.

According to the architects, The Gumno house consists of three different functional areas: “The first is a massive, rustic cellar containing a konoba, which serves as a wine and oil storage space, as well as a place for gatherings. The second is a spacious glazed living room intended for the family. Finally, the third is a big pool with an indispensable view of the sea. On top of the house there are four small units with intimate terraces and a quiet sleeping area for each member of the family.” Enjoy the photo gallery and tell us what you think!  [Photography: Ivan Doroti?, Igor Crnkovi?, Sandro Lendler, Maja Bosni?]