A family timber-frame cottage absorbs modern design and building techniques to become a fascinating dark retreat. Dressed in cross-laminated black spruce boards, this new construction was imagined as having the exact size of the former forest cottage and occupy the exact space. It was the inhabitant’s choice to keep this reminder of the old structure while investing in the bright future of a modern abode. Imagined by Kariouk Associates, the Mulvagh-Crosby Cottage imposes its shape on a remote lakeside property in Ladysmith, Quebec.

Re-designing the 70 year old cottage after the property passed from mother to son embedded a sense of transition as well as creating a strong connection to the surroundings. Further more, the modern cottage structure was intentionally left open and bright to contrast the old floor-plan. Assembling the shell of the cottage in less than two days, workers on site brought the cross laminated timber frames to life.

Resembling the old cottage, this new home in the forest boasts an interior atmosphere worthy of praise. Decorated with the warmth of unfinished wood shaping walls, floors and ceilings, social and private spaces exude the essence of natural inspiration. Scroll down to get an idea of before and after – you’ll be amazed!