With our enthusiasm for plants, well-crafted wood and desk items, the Eco Pot designed by Ukrainian studio Kononenkoid hit a soft spot. The lovely looking accessory comes with a square shape and two levels. Its lower part features small rounded piercings which can be used for displaying writing objects. The upper “level” is reserved for a miniature garden that can serve as inspiration (and oxygen) as the day unfolds. Simple and clever, this unconventional flower pot and desk storage combo makes for a stylish decorative unit in any modern design scheme.

The master mind behind the design is Ukraine-based Julia Kononenko, who describes her work as follows: “A nice idea that allows to combine in a single object two essential functions on a desk, the practical side to store pencils and green side to soothe the soul.” The integrated pen holder comes in two sizes, for various degrees of thickness. As for the planted area, you can choose an existing design or think of your own, in accordance to your desk appearance. Find  this new Eco Pot as invigorating as we do?