The M House by MAKE Architecture was re-imagined on a south facing site in Northcote, Melbourne, as having a contemporary addition to the existing family home. With a charming, delightful addition, this newly developed family home unravels its former cramped nature in an updated form. In order for the family to enjoy a soothing family life, the designers were challenged to contribute a warm and family-friendly atmosphere to the old and rather dark house. By bringing northern light into these new living spaces added to the backyard, MAKE Architecture extended living outdoors.

With its wrap around bench seat, the courtyard becomes an extension of the living space, allowing for family life and activities to spill outside when extra space is required.

Showcasing a roofline shaped like the letter “M”, also giving the home its name, the home photographed by architectural photographer Peter Bennetts boasts an enlarged functional space where the family can spend quality time together. “The ‘M’ roof form is expressed internally to create expansive ceiling heights with the lining boards wrapping down the walls.”

The new living space has provided this family with a light filled space to come together and share daily life. There is space for home admin incorporated into the kitchen, and the piano that sat unused in an old spare room is now out in the main living space and is played regularly. The sunken bath in an efficiently planned bathroom and the handmade tiles by MAKE’s Bruce Rowe, are small moments of delight.”