Located in Narrabeen, Australia, this contemporary home designed by  CHROFI is cleverly adapted to its historical neighborhood (defined by early 20th century Australian town planning). Narabeen House acts as a “buffer zone” between a natural lagoon on one side and the suburban streetscape on the other. The spacious opportunities of the residence are extended outdoors, through the help of wooden decks and a splendid central courtyard. Extensive use of wood allowed the architects to visually integrate the new project in its surroundings, despite its modern geometry.

The Narrabeen Residence plays with this dramatic contrast between the back and front of the property in search of the ‘suburban dream’. This results in a dynamic house plan: “A central courtyard is introduced as the principal organizing element for the planning with all of the house’s key shared spaces – living room, dining room, kitchen, study and pool – grouped around the courtyard to connect these spaces visually, and physically when the courtyard walls are opened up.” Spacious and flexible, the Australian residence makes for a healthy, vibrant family home.