TableAir is a new smart work desk which lets you change your posture throughout the day. According to the project developers, we spend enormous amount of time sitting behind our desks, and when you look at it, the table hasn’t been functionally transformed for over a thousand years. The human body is meant to move, and if sitting in an office eight hours a day is a must, then desks must be reinvented: “We believe your work desk is more than a tool – we see it as a work companion which cares about your health and enables your healthy lifestyle”, added the designers. Have a look at the video below to better understand how it works:

A unique electric motor technology makes the lifting process smooth and very silent. Signal to the motors goes through a CPU unit which is integrated into the table and which can can be accessed in two ways: via TableAir App or by the smart button. “We looked at the height adjustment as an extension of your movement. Rather than setting height it feels as if TableAir understands your needs and becomes an extension of your movements.” Due of the custom ambient LED light, TableAir can become the focal point of any interior when not in use.

Be sure to have a look at this height-adjustable minimalist desk and also enjoy the look of this wooden desk version we published on Freshome a while back.