Vila Mariana Residence by Cristiane Bergesch is an inspiring renovation project delivered in São Paulo, Brazil. The 34 square-meter home with two levels was completely redesigned to serve the modern living needs of a young couple. Improving the ventilation and lighting systems was one important aspect to consider during the planning stage of the project. According to Cristiane Bergesch, the lack of space for furniture was a challenging limitation: “I designed all the furniture for the living room, kitchen and bedroom, respecting specific measures for each piece. Furthermore, the clear and neutral colors reinforce the visual impression of more space.

Another problem was the lack of space for a dining room. The living room had several accesses and the main door was taking up too much space to open. It was replaced by a sliding door, which expanded the original building area to 46 sqm, joining the living room and the outdoors. A glass ceiling ensures natural lighting for both spaces. The owners wanted a comfortable, practical home, and also a place to receive family and friends. The outdoor area added the space needed for dining room and barbecue.

The compact 4 sqm kitchen has all the necessary items. The chosen oven, for example, is a cooktop. The sliding door made in special glass provides a mirror effect, hiding the kitchen interior when there is no light. MDF cabinets with white melamine finish contrasts the wooden panel. The master bedroom is located on the second level, offering a high level of privacy and comfort. [Information provided via e-mail by Cristiane Bergesch; Photos: Marcelo Scandaroli]