When we discovered the 718 Bedford Ave Bike Rack, we thought it was a wonderful idea for bike enthusiasts everywhere. Now we are happy to share a similar concept with you guys, this time for another popular “friend on wheels”. Meet Wall Ride, a versatile wall mounted rack, great for those who want to proudly display their skateboard. The ingenious furniture piece was envisioned by Zanocchi & Starke, a young Italo-Brazilian design studio, based in Turin, Italy. Their portfolio includes quite a few intriguing designs, such as the Ludovica Lamp, presented on Freshome a while back.

With Wall Ride the wheels of your skateboard never risk dirtying the walls and the graphic of the shape is always in plain sight. Three hooks and two shelves allow you to hang and host anything else used in everyday life. Making it also useful for those who do not have a skate yet! Furthermore, the same slot used to slide the skate into the rack serves as a handy bottle opener. Leave your cares, open a beer, take your skate and enjoy the ride! [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Zanocchi & Starke]