Not so easy to define, the feeling of “home” means different things to different people. In the case of this Lakeview Residence in Texas, the dreamy “home” part is a harmonious mix of panoramas, organic materials and a sense of weightlessness in the thick of mature oak trees. Alterstudio Architecture imagined a warm and family-friendly modern home spreading over 550 square meters. The homeowner expressed his love for this new home as mirrored in others’ perception: “…others often tell us that they are pleasantly surprised that a modern home can be so warm and family friendly. That feedback is especially heartening given that, from the beginning, that was our goal.”

And this is what the architects describe their fabulous work: “An unparalleled view west, over the Bright Leaf preserve and up the Colorado River, and the desire to live casually amidst a collection of mature live oak trees combined to make a powerful circumstance for this family of four. The new house emphasizes view and a dynamic spatial sequence while at the same time creating an abstract backdrop for the serendipity light, circumstance and view. The visitor arrives, meandering under a grove of ancient trees into an intimate entry sequence of limestone, vertical cyprus and verdant planting. Still unaware of the expansive panorama to come, views are revealed slowly – with carefully framed vistas inviting expectations of what is to come, and the pursuit of which leading to new discoveries.

Both consider the contemporary family home as immersed in the landscape, a cozy addition to the natural environment equipped with modern tech. Perfect place to enjoy a flourishing family life, this family home in Texas shelters four souls and welcomes all their friends and family in a harmonious atmosphere.

XIX century Persian carpets line the floors of spacious living areas while works of art by local artists of the last century punctuate the bright spaces. More secluded rooms offer a balancing feeling of privacy and a mix or orange and blue flashes dot the open floor-plan, visually refreshing it. Oak trees pierce the architecture and help braid the family home in Texas into the natural surrounding landscape.