Literally stepping out-of-the-box, Patrick Tighe Architecture completed the design of Tigertail Residence, a modern private home in Brentwood, California, USA. The unconventional shape of the project is both a creative twist and a result of conditions inherent within the site: “The peculiar geometry of the two-story volume is a result of the existing building conditions, current building setback regulations, openings to the views and the need for solid walls for shear and privacy”, explained the developers. The overall design unfolds with openings to the spectacular city and ocean beyond.

Several construction details make this building unique: “The folded planes of the walls and roof are an extension of the rolling topography. The exterior of the folded planes is sheathed in metal while the interior is lined with wood blurring the distinction between wall, ceiling and floor plane. Three bent steel moment frames straddle the existing one-story structure and are expressed in the architecture.Tigertail Residence showcases minimalist furniture arrangements, with wood playing a major part in the design scheme. The diagonal cantilevered roof adds a dramatic effect to the upper story work area. [Photography courtesy of Patrick Tighe Architecture]