Surprising the eye with a contemporary approach to facade design, this eye-catching urban townhouse in New York re-imagines Manhattan’s  typically narrow infill plot. Designed by GLUCK Partners, the home hidden behind a custom water-cut aluminum rain screen charms the eye with its pattern and a play of horizontal slit windows and vertical glass slots.

Completely open to the backyard via floor-to-ceiling windows flooding spaces with natural light, this urban townhouse was re-organized into a luxuriously bright home with spaces that run fluidly the entire length of the 38-foot-deep building. Challenging the conventional space design found in these Manhattan townhouses, the design team imagined an open mezzanine living room, a private office nook by the library wall, sitting rooms and private bedrooms arranged around the stairs wrapped around the elevator shaft.

Showcasing an imposing four-story vertical library lining the staircase, the spacious floor plan photographed by Raimund Koch and Erik Freeland was re-organized to permit an internal space organization infusing privacy and coziness. Presenting loft-like spaces hidden behind bookshelves filled with countless stories, this welcoming home in the middle of New York acts as a warm lantern at night, illuminating the backyard.

It’s not only beautiful homes they build, GLUCK’s design portfolio also includes the Zen-like cube-shaped study crib in the Catskill Mountains and the intriguing recreational pool pavilion in the Adirondack Mountains. And that is a lot of inspirational details for you to enjoy and share!