The impressive Schaan Residence by k_m architektur sits on a sloping site overlooking the Rhine Valley in Central Europe’s microstate Lichtenstein. “Wohnhaus Schaan” stretches over the hilly landscape, gathering mountains and sky reflections and guiding the eye beyond the home’s walls. A long swimming pool lines the deck, mirrored in transparent floor-to-ceiling windows sheltering social spaces. Framing picturesque panoramas, these windows flood the open floor-plan with light and views.

Overhangs supported by thin, tall columns provide covered outdoor spaces and create a seamless connection to the outdoors. Natural materials were used to create a visual connection to the wild surrounding landscape and mirror natural warmth and depth. Copper will be defined by a warm patina over time, while pine shingles and boards lining exterior walls will gradually become gray. This new panoramic dream home will become part of the landscape as time passes by. Inside, the living, dining and cooking areas boldly look beyond large windows to the blissful panoramic view across the outdoor deck. And that central fireplace must be the cherry on top during cold nights.

These 50 unique homes boasting awe-inspiring panoramas will give you a deeper understanding of the coveted man-nature bond that can be built using architecture and design. Don’t you just love how all the elements came together to shape a panoramic dream home?