Located in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, this ultra-modern country house was re-imagined by Ukraine based SVOYA Studio starting from the idea of adding insignificant changes to the space. A full-blown design challenge was born as the plans changed. The homeowner is fond of beautiful floors, so this became the starting point of re-decorating what later became known in the studio’s portfolio as the Riba House.

Keeping only the planning concept and some carpentry items, the design studio constructed a unique atmosphere just as their client requested:  modern and cozy. Placing the emphasis on the floors, designers decorated the spaces with balanced masculine and feminine elegance. A green wall lines the living space, creating a beautifully modern vertical aesthetic.

The main idea was based on the combination and the interaction of color, material and texture contrasts. Black gloss kitchen and a moss panel, bright polished marble and dark matte wood, prominency and perfect smoothness are harmonized with eco-design elements. The interior concept can be identified by architectural design element “izdereva”, created by “SVOYA studio” – three columns, where concrete is enchased in wood. Unusual combination looks very harmonious and reveals ideologically interconnection of natural origins and urbanism.”

SVOYA studio also designed this eclectic apartment with mirrors expanding the already tall space and this remarkable family apartment embellished with luminous vertical gardens, both in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.