Considering the flashy nature and the innovative designs that rustic contemporary houses are commonly displaying, it is not easy to fabricate a home that can showcase a mountain rustic look with just the right touch of contemporary. “Rock Copper Glass” is a remodeling project carried out by cdrg+RedTeam in Canada. The moment you lay your eyes on this residence, you are drawn into its well-defined plan, sleek look, inspiring use of natural stone and integration of BC fir and raw metal. The house is a direct design response to its site, to the form and utility of the building materials, which combine to create a solid, robust structure.

Disclosure of the stone work, expansive art glass windows and timber frame accents creates a visual impact. The front entry and facade is aligned with the midday sun. The long side of the triple garage acts as a retaining wall. Inside this house, rooms slide into each other, dissolving the problem of further enclosure. The plan is unrestricted by the geometry and a sense of infinite space is achieved. Materials are reduced to a palette of metal, concrete, glass and timber, underpinning the desire for a rustic but still contemporary home to be basic and creating an embedded modesty. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by cdrg+RedTeam]