Rising on a spacious piece of land on Montreal’s south shore, this 1920’s house was modernly adorned with an extension. Providing the family with more space and having this additional space organized into two  intertwining volumes, the home imagined by NatureHumaine surprises with stunning details. Known as the Dulwich Residence, it appears like a balanced mixture of textures and materials.

“A brick volume makes up the base and becomes the support for a steel clad volume that projects out into the backyard. The ‘sleeping basket’ is found at this projection where a large window frames the foliage. This becomes a space to relax and gaze out towards the garden as well as an area for the children to play while maintaining contact with the kitchen and dining spaces below.”

According to the architects, their clients wanted “a contemporary extension that would harmonize with their existing house and highlight and expose the structural brick. The existing house and the extension were separated by a glazed volume where the vertical circulation of the house is located. The existing house was re-organized to better suit the needs of the clients, where the entry and living room make up the ground floor and the children’s quarters on the second floor.” Photos by Adrien Williams show how the house spreading over 2845 square feet was re-organized to fit requirements and give off a relaxing, welcoming vibe. “Three double height spaces link the communal areas of the ground floor with the more private spaces of the second floor while maintaining a warm atmosphere in the house.

The creative studio NatureHumaine worked on several stunning projects. We can mention this neat minimalist home in bright green and yellow and the black and white Connaught Residence in Montréal, as opposing projects. But in order to get a closer look into their astounding modern home design portfolio, you should also check out the layers and colours defining the Stacked House in Montreal, Canada and the 1920?s duplex in Montréal which underwent an unbelievable transformation under the attentive supervision of NatureHumaine.