Located on a privileged site on Biscayne Bay, South Florida, Peribere Residence by Max Strang Architecture commands views of the downtown Miami skyline and Port Miami. The 6,000 square house in concrete and glass is raised above the existing grade to “better accommodate the occasional hurricane storm surge and also to confront longer-term sea level challenges”. A powerful indoor-outdoor connection was the main goal of this project. The massive white volumes open up towards the bay through glass walls, generously-sized balconies and a wooden deck.

Due to the large amount of glass employed, the house feels spacious and well illuminated throughout. The social zone is positioned on the first level, directly accessed through the courtyard and providing easy exit towards the swimming pool area. Minimalist furniture elements and cement flooring come to support the idea of a “transit social zone”. A wooden staircase connects the levels together, while diminishing the “soberness” of the residence. The bedrooms are hosted on the upper level, providing a good level of privacy and optimum views. [Photography courtesy of Max Strang Architecture]