Italy-based company Friul Mosaic creates designs meant “to be lived, walked upon, brushed up against, touched, cleaned, felt”. Their mosaics are inspired by the most various themes such as nature, famous works of art, mythology and modern design keeping in mind the latest tendencies. “Attraction” roulette mosaic is a homage to the famous American city Las Vegas, known worldwide for its green tables. This Mosaic realization is a clear reference to the world of gambling: not only a roulette, but also a fast moving whirl with bright reds and greens.

The mosaic is mounted on mesh according to the direct technique. Friul Mosaic uses Venice glasses and enamels, which add a unique type of brightness to the handcrafted piece. On the other hand, the use of irregular shaped marble tesserae enhance the sense of whirling speed of the roulette. The unconventional mosaic comes in a standard size of 165 cm x 150 cm and can be integrated in various entertainment spaces. How would you comment on this indoor decorating addition? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Friul Mosaic]