Architects from Cullinan Studio re-designed a House in Hampstead, London, that opens towards the patio via floor-to-ceiling windows. Working with a poorly planned Grade II listed Georgian house, the creative studio had to find a contemporary way of offering comfort both inside and outside in the yard and a seamless connection between the two. Spreading over an area of 100 square meters, public and private areas were carefully studied and implemented clever arrangements in space, furniture and decorative details. Dressed in a steel and timber structure, the glass cube was imagined displaying immaculately crafted waxed birch ply and oak on the stairs, floors, walls and ceiling.

We did not want to simply add on more living space but rather improve the upper and lower ground floors of the house in a way that worked with the existing building, both internally and externally. It was clear that the new part of the building would relate to the garden on a more domestic scale if its height were lower. A bold new plan was devised. Using the pure geometry of a ‘cube’, we created a new large central living space, giving the house a new heart. Smaller rooms opening off this space match the rhythms of family life: there’s a warm and welcoming place to come together in but also spaces to quietly retreat to.

Photographs by Paul Raftery explore the home from different angles, giving us the possibility to see details that shape up a whole. Together with landscape architects of DesignWild, the architecture studio imagined this addition having a ribbon of clerestory windows further deepening the natural bright light infusion.

Do you dream of re-designing your own home or would rather have a home built from ground up?