Italy-based Gariselli Associati sent us photos and information about their latest project entitled Restaurant Colò and located in the high Apennines of Modena. This region is known as a tourist destination frequented mainly by skiers and mountaineers. The dining venue is meant to recreate the perfect image of a cozy mountain retreat, away from the city noise and pollution. Natural materials like wood and stone were employed throughout the design scheme, adding authenticity and a welcoming vibe.

We are interested in knowing your thoughts regarding this unconventional mix of rustic-inspired decorations and modern elements. As you enter the venue, your attention is inevitably captured by the dividing walls. We like the stacked-log pattern, but not necessarily in combination with the shiny led light from beneath. Our favorite part of the design is the ceiling, where originality takes the form of many kitchenware items hanging randomly for an interesting visual effect. Notice anything else you would like to emphasize? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Gariselli Associati ]