Modern residential architecture is taking off in Timisoara, Romania, a city which often inspires us with many interesting projects here at Freshome. The C House by Parasite Studio is located in one of Timisoara’s marginal neighborhoods, in a recently constructed zone with a heterogeneous character regarding the volumes, their alignment and their colors. Thus, the designers opted for a simple black and white volume. According to the official description, the white color highlights the volume’s horizontal and vertical dynamics, while the black color has the role of visually stretching the openings.

Here is more information provided by the architecture team in charge of this project: “The facades have different dynamics in relation with their cardinal orientation. The main facade faces east, and it accentuates the horizontality of the volumes, respecting the street dynamics. The southern facade has extruded volumes in order to offer the interior spaces as much light as they need. The western facade becomes more static, more transparent, opening the views to the backyard, a space for relaxation and swimming. The northern facade is more opaque, the openings are more fragmanted, having a series of narrow slits that let the indirect lighting into the main space.” An inner courtyard with swimming pool offers plenty of opportunity for outdoor relaxation. [Photography credits: Parasite Studio]