Design and art are deeply interconnected. What happens in the artistic field ripples into design and architecture and vice versa. But what happens when you start to raise questions around art? Let’s start with: What makes modern art so bad? Trying to answer this question is artist Robert Florczak for Prager University. And in this 5 minute mini course, the art professor explains what happens when personal expression replaces standards.

“For two millennia, great artists set the standard for beauty. Now those standards are gone. Modern Art is a competition between the ugly and the twisted; the most shocking wins. What happened? How did the beautiful come to be reviled and bad taste come to be celebrated? Renowned artist Robert Florczak explains the history and the mystery behind this change and how it can be stopped and even reversed.”

According to Robert Florczak, art can be objectively measured and he explains by example how that is possible. He states that “many of today’s artists merely use their art to make statements, often for nothing more than shock value. Artists of the past also made statements at times, but never at the expense of the visual excellence of their work.”

Rooting for organizations like the Art Renewal Center that “work to restore objective standards to the art world”, Robert Florczak encourages people to advocate the teaching of classical art appreciation in schools. What is your own take on all this? We would love to know how you view modern art, so share your thoughts in the comment section below.