Taking an unconventional approach, the architects at INABA designed the Red Bull Offices in New Tork in a “low-key” tone. The 16,800 square-foot project is “simple and without the pretense of being on the cutting edge of cool tech office design”. Realizing that offices and technology are evolving quickly and the future functions of the work environment are unpredictable, the architects envisioned a layout of spaces with distinct features and flexible usage.

The three types of interiors are large open zones, medium-sized enclosed areas, and small rooms. They are currently employed as open office seating, conference areas, and small meeting zones respectively. According to the project developing team, if the new standard for corporate offices is to create a physical experience that builds on the brand qualities the company, then Red Bull’s New York space is the antithesis of this best practice. There isn’t a reliance on storytelling or graphic imagery; the space is dialed back to reset the focus of the experience on the basic architectural qualities of scale and light.

As you can see, the overall design stays clear of  large-scale gestures, playful lounge zones filled with color, or urban-inspired decorations. We are interested in what you think of this approach. Find the new Red Bull offices work-inspiring? [Photography by Greg Irikura & Naho Kubota]