HSM family house is a modern dwelling built on a budget in kibbutz Yehiam, Israel, where one of the owners of grew up as a child. Made of natural materials like concrete, wood and stone, the residence aims to take in the calm beauty of the site, including views to a beautiful oak forest. The plot came with a slope along its width, generating height differences of one meter end to end. This offered the opportunity “to design a structure that follows the natural slope and utilizes it to create functional division between private and public areas throughout the house.”

The public areas are located on the lower level of the house, and the bedrooms are hosted by the top floor. According to the architects, the design complexity unfolds momentarily as one enters the house, revealing diverse views towards the wide open scenery of Yehiam and towards intermediate spatial situations between the different parts of the dwelling. The living room, kitchen and dining space, benefit from the juxtaposition between the open view and the inner patio, while the more private spaces in the house enjoy a wide scale of glimpses to the public space and the scenery. [Photography: Shai Epstein]