In our search for contemporary homes with a twist, we discovered the “Gray Sky Apartment”, a stylish project in St. Petersburg, Russia. The creative team behind the design is studio ART SPICE, led by Jenny Yasnets. As you go through the photo gallery below, you will discover a comfortably furnished apartment, with plenty of inspiring elements. Neutral shades of gray and blue mixed with walnut tones give the place an elegant and inviting feel.

The living room, kitchen and dining zone are combined in a single open space. With three meter high-ceilings and lots of windows, the apartment feels spacious and well lit during the day. Floor-to-ceiling curtains create a magical atmosphere, adding up to the overall feeling of calm this place exudes. Lighting fixtures with golden elements reduce the scale of the place, while making things more dynamic. The TV is framed by shelving units on two sides, for extra storage space. We like how everything fits perfectly together and you have to admit this project makes for one interesting design puzzle!