Envisioned and implemented by Geometrix Design, Axioma Apartment in Moscow presents a futuristic, almost robotic dimension. After completing several other Moscow apartments in the same tone, architects Miroshkin Michael and Helen Miroshkina embarked on the black&white decorating adventure that came with this 130 square-meter crib. The name of the residential complex (Axioma) gave the duo a clear image of the design scheme: monochrome, devoid of unnecessary details, but with a strong personality.

As you open the doors to this apartment, you are given a glimpse of a high-tech future. Glossy white wall panels form a clear architectural language throughout. Hidden behind these hypnotizing surfaces, there are plenty of lockers and cabinets for storage. The living room and kitchen are separated by a glass wall. As you look from one functional area towards the other, it is difficult to say when one ends and when the other begins. Geometry is a defining theme for the interior scheme; lines run through the length of the ceiling, making for original modern  lighting fixtures. [Photography: Alexander Kamachkin]