Lounging on the sofa, indulging in relaxing moments at home is complete when art is present to dilute our thoughts and entice our creativity. Brussels-based sculptor Xavier Puente Vilardell gives us some pretty interesting artistic pieces to admire. He specializes in sculpting and carving modern design lines in pine wood to offer an ever-present feeling of  distorted reality to inspiration-hungry minds. The sculptor’s twisted and curled shapes carved in pine tree trunks reflect an artistic search for the organic seen through his eyes.

Interacting with each piece of wood, the artist sculpts feelings that remain carved into the pine wood: “My work is the result of a very deep and sincere feeling. It lets matter find its own expression though a passionate interaction with the artist. The outcome evidences a strong Mediterranean tradition, where carved holes in the wood turn into light beams caressing amazing shapes.

Check out his Behance page to see more sculptures and maybe pick out one for yourself. The question remains: which sculpture would you choose?