The Learning Centre by Pavoni Studio is a new department of an international phone company in Bucharest, Romania. A conversion of a residential area into a learning space, the project gravitates around a central pole: an orange box meeting room. The main theme of the interiors is communication, a compulsory tool for survival in nowadays urban context. Whether it is about face-to-face or virtual communication, this learning centre has been equipped accordingly. Thus, one of the project’s greatest challenges – cable management – has eventually turned into a great asset, making everything possible without compromising in design.

The project includes a handful of urban sneak-peeks meant to create an ideal space to learn, work and develop oneself. Vivid accents and urban graphics mark a neutral background, while the space speaks about the context in which it is located: Bucharest – a city with a grey facade at first sight, but with a lively atmosphere beyond it, connected to technology and defined by a mix of population. Reflections, light and glossy materials combined with natural textures create a vibrant feel and, together with the graphic design emphasize the parallel between the past and the future, between old and new.

The vibrant atmosphere boosts work productivity in a fresh and creative environment. The glossy surfaces promote the means of expression, for they are writable and can be easily wiped out.  All installations, graphic design and decorative walls have been custom-made for this project by Miruna Pavoni and are meant to symbolize urban landscapes, noise, the need of communication and other elements that define the urban context. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Pavoni Studio]