Stylish home decor displayed within a modern skin challenges more and more individuals to dream of contemporary architecture. This elegant home in the German city of Waldenbuch presents a harmonious link to nature as it unfolds social and private spaces in an open floor-plan. Designed by modern architecture studio Leicht, this stylish home is built on a hillside. Allowing the design to take the shape of a terraced collection of volumes, the landscape helps develop panoramas throughout the home through generous floor-to-ceiling windows facing West and South.

Eastern and northern sides of the home were dressed in a warm collection of wooden slats. With the entrance at third and top level, the home boasts an inverted floor plan with the library, an office and a large outdoor terrace on the top floor, sheltering the living room, kitchen, dining room and master bedroom right underneath. The children’s bedrooms and fitness room are on the bottom floor, connecting all levels with the outdoors.

As the “heart of the home”, the modern kitchen takes center stage, providing owners with a strong visual appeal and functionality at the same time: “Designed by the architect as a two-sided open block placed in the room, the kitchen has the effect of a self-contained architectural element. It gives structure to the main living level without restricting or obstructing the view. The block is closed towards the living room area in the South so as to provide space for the floor-to-ceiling cupboards and housing for appliances.

We’ve seen the studio design some beautiful private homes, like this black and white beauty in Ahlen, Germany, and we can’t help wondering which of these two home designs you would choose for your own home.