Creative housing blocks sculpt Amsterdam’s modern residential face, sparking up new ideas of how homes look and feel like. An undulating roof shapes this creative housing block in Amsterdam’s inspiring Funenpark residential neighborhood (where the landscape and park were designed by landLAB). East of the city of Amsterdam, in a former industrial zone, a new residential complex has taken shape in the last years – the “Het Funen, Hidden Delights” development boasting 500 new residences and a park by Dutch architecture agency Architecten Cie.

Here, NL Architects imagined 10 houses, each with their own rooftop terrace as part of a building stretching 30 meters wide within a given lot. The undulating roof creates the possibility of building each home in a unique way while maintaining a compact overall appearance. Varying in height from 9 to 18 meters, the homes in Funen Blok K, as the building is known, share the first two stories in alignment. The third level was split equally into  50% building and 50% roof terrace and garden.

Each house is allocated 633 cubic meters, making the concept behind the building an awe-inspiring one. Imagine each home having a different height and structure thanks to the ingenuity of an undulated green roof. The contemporary housing block photographed by Raoul Kramer were built within a typology known as back to back housing. Turned inside out, with access from the middle of the block, separate houses were designed to offer unique social and private living spaces within a building “interpreting the given 2.5 floors as 2 + ½ story as in Being John Malkovich.”

Take a virtual bike ride through this fascinating Amsterdam neighborhood and you’ll see this creative housing block’s location, as well as get an idea of the inspiring, civilized surroundings and let us know how much you loved this idea.