When you plan on enjoying a comforting lifestyle alongside your wife, parents and newborns, you want to make the best of your new home design. Alta Architecture and R.Z. Owens Construction were asked to turn a north-facing 705 square meter rectangular lot into a dream home and they did an amazing job considering the tight budget and strict owner’s requests.

Their client wanted a spacious home in Melbourne, Australia, one that would incorporate 5 bedrooms, large open spaces both inside and outdoors and northern sunlight to his discretion. Also, he imagined his family living in a stylishly designed and decorated home connected to the outdoors.

Connected to the street via beautifully simple corner windows, the entry lounge overlooks the street and front yard. Privacy in the upstairs bedroom can be reached by using curtains designed not to interfere with the design clarity showcased by the street facade. According to the architects, “each façade element had its own articulation, whether it is the cantilevering of the upper floor balcony, the transparency of the large glass pane beneath it, or the small walk-in robe window with extruded frame, the timber division lines of the master bed window, and the panelling of the timber garage door; all these elements were tied together under a unified colour scheme, and a loose geometric relationship which allowed one to read the underlying principles of such compositional structure, and yet not to be overwhelmed by its rigidity.”

Photographed by Media Design Studio, the residence and surroundings give off an elegant vibe. Imposing its self with a powerful character, the shape of the house mimics the neighboring pitched and gabled roofs with a triangular mass – a modern version of the beloved roof shape. Welcoming and customized to the owner’s request in a contemporary manner, this home compliments the owner’s lifestyle, as well as its neighborhood.