An unusual house rises in South Korea, occupying 127 square meters in a rural landscape.  Architects Dongwoo Yim and Rafael Luna of PRAUD imagined this strikingly modern home overlooking the Chungpyong Lake as leaning to shape an open floor-plan and offer more room than traditional architecture. The slanted shape showcased by this Korean home known as the Leaning House was imagined as a solution to have both southern sunlight as well as views towards the lake. This way, the family living space downstairs can be exposed to sunshine while the private spaces upstairs can grasp lake and hillside panoramas while flooded with light.

In photographs by Kyungsub Shi, the house is presented as connected to its surroundings via vertical and horizontal windows punctuating the facade. Dressed in glass, the lower floor living room opens to the deck and surroundings, while the upstairs boasts an outdoor terrace. The client’s request was to have a bedroom, reading room and living room, yet the architects provided more than what was necessary and dressed it in an admirable shape. Zinc-wrapped and definitely eye-catching, the unusual Leaning House brings modern architecture to an almost wild landscape.