According to the creative team at Karv Luxury, nothing says manliness like big and broad hand-sculpted Walnut shoulders. The designers of The Ultimate Valet wanted to bring some style and additional utility to the common valet, while simplifying its appearance. Another goal was to add an element of craftsmanship and sculpture that is absent in a lot of today’s mass produced furniture: “The way we see it, either we let automated manufacturing and homogeneous design take over, or we stand up (with chisels, rough hands, and an eye for detail) to create something that’s out of this world.” The project is designed by artist and master woodworker Jacob Sorenson and built by traditional craftsmen in New Hampshire.

The Ultimate Valet combines cutting edge design with traditional craftsmanship. Anatomically correct, life-sized shoulders carved by hand from solid Walnut set the tone for a masculine furniture piece. A surprising USB charging unit for smart phones and a shoe cabinet enhance the functionality of the design. You can back this project and find out more about the studio’s work via Kickstarter. Check out the presentation video at the end of the post and let us know what you think!