Lavish ornamentation sets the rhythm for the dynamic Belle Epoque Residence imagined by Dream Design Studio in Kiev, Ukraine. The designers chose a luxurious decorating scheme, inspired by the Art Deco movement :”It was important to reproduce the spirit of the epoch using not only handmade techniques, but also new technologies and own understanding of contemporary and comfortable living.” The residence has four levels, each of them vividly enhancing the experience of the inhabitants.

The living and dining room are situated on the ground floor, while the first level accommodates the guestroom and the daughter’s bedroom. The third level has a masculine feel, with spacious office area, bedroom, and subsidiary rooms. The female spaces are light and elegant; the masculine interiors are darker and more restrained.

Geometric and vegetative details are applied on the walls, floors and ceilings, complying with the Art Deco tradition. The interiors are realized in placid monochrome scales of dark brown, terracotta, cream, sandy, and silvery grey tones. Visual accents are expressed through eye-catching pieces of furniture, lighting objects and rich textures. Small Tuscan manufactures and Ukrainian workshops produced copper engraved boiseries, brass folding-screens, stone-carved and plaster cast details, designed specially for this project. Enjoy the virtual tour! [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Dream Design Studio]