Young Ukrainian team Artzavod envisioned an elegant minimalist USB lamp handmade from natural materials. T2 features a simple look that pays tribute to modern design and technology. An unconventional assistant meant to inspire its user again and again, the lamp emits a warm light, adapted to a proper working environment in a home office. However, the lighting unit can be adapted to many contemporary spaces, from bedrooms to various social zones. According to the ongoing campaign on Kickstarter, T2 is Artzavod’s latest version of a portable and lightweight lamp made from natural materials, after their success with T1 desktop model.

Energy efficiency was one of the main factors to consider when designing this minimalist lamp: “T2 provides a warm (3000K) light, which is perfect for your home and office space. We used the newest generation of LEDs that last more than 30000 hours of lifetime. These are LEDs that produce 530 Lux of brightness using only 2 Watts of power. Instead of cheap LED stripes, there was a custom LED board created especially for this project. This means that the power consumption level of this lamp is very low, even if you use it for a long time”, explained Nick Ponomarenko on behalf of Artzavod. Have a look at the video below for more information and let us know your thoughts! [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Artzavod Design]

P.S – If you love and want to support this project feel free to check them on Kickstarter.