Looking out the window to see a massive mountain range unraveling its majesty is in itself a reason for happiness. Add a spacious, modern residence framing that view and you get a dream home. The Butte Residence by Carney Logan Burke Architects unveils an inspiring contemporary architecture within an almost wild, rural landscape. Located in Jackson, Wyoming, “on an extraordinary site on a butte“, the imposing house is not only a cozy place to call home, but also a home office where art is inspired by something naturally massive and awe-inspiring.

A fabulous 38-acre site shelters this imposing house and artist studio, while the mountains beyond shape stunning views. A creative studio overlooking astounding mountain panoramas is the place where ideas come to life. Simplicity reigns in the art studio as well as in the social and private spaces. Uncluttered rooms adorned with large windows provide scenic panoramas mirrored in the choice of materials and textures. Photographed by Paul Worchol, the majestic home fits perfectly in its environment. Indoor spaces are just as cozy as outdoor areas, seamlessly connecting the interiors to the outdoors.

This is a home perfect for a relaxed lifestyle, do you agree?